On living with the quiet voice of survivor’s guilt

When experiencing the divine turned sour, my best comfort was absurdity

What a fan-made video game hack taught me about how I tanked my YouTube company

And how submerging my body in near-freezing water taught me to dance.

Trust me, that duck is in AGONY.

Finding the right words for Fatherhood

I still love you even when you are bad.

Why we must give the dead their due… ESPECIALLY when “there’s nothing you could have done.”

We have to save the ones we love. Especially the ones who can’t be saved.

Why is there an emotional disconnect between men and women? For me, it goes back to my parents.

I thought I was searching for the mother of my children, but I need to find their father first.

A Freudian Tale of How I Symbolically Killed My Father By Supplanting Him as De Facto Patriarch

Ben Creighton

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